GREATER NOIDA: GNIDA on Wednesday started examining property rates ahead of possibly revising them.

The Authority held a preliminary meeting following the directions of the area’s chairperson, Dr Prabhat Kumar, last week, when he officially took charge of the reins of the Authority. The meeting on Wednesday, chaired by ACEO Vimal Sharma, was held to discuss whether land rates in Greater Noida can be revised. “The aim is to make the area more attractive to entrepreneurs and investors,” Sharma told TOI.

“We held a preliminary meeting on Wednesday with all departments. A report will be submitted by them within a week. Departments have been told to examine if land rates of any land use need to be revised, reduced, hiked or kept static. This proposal will be submitted to CEO Amit Mohan Prasad and the chairperson. All property rates including commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and group housing will be examined and new rates, if any, will be proposed,” he said.

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